The Ramonas

The Ramonas - The UK's All Girl Tribute to the Ramones The Ramonas are the UK's only all girl tribute to the Ramones, one of the most influential punk rock bands in history.

The band were formed in honour of the Ramones back in 2004, by Clare Pproduct (Guitarist in UK cult rock band AntiProduct and bass player in Marky Ramones blitzkrieg) after having backed up Marky Ramone as Johnny at the Underworld in England.

The Ramonas capture the magic which the Ramones had in their early days with their intense on stage energy levels whilst looking much better than Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee or Marky ever did.

The girls have toured all around the UK & Europe and guarantee a good night out... Unfortunately it will never be possible to see the Ramones live again so the Ramonas are the next best thing for any punk rock fan.

Lisa Aka Cloey Ramona - Vocals

The Ramonas - Lisa Aka Cloey Ramona Cloey has a thing for butter, jam, breakfast cutlery and bear. Some say, she was held in Madrid Airport for 24 hours after being searched at Customs having found huge amounts butter and Breakfast knives in her bag. She said that she got carried away and will seek medical help. Cloey was let off with only a caution.

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Vix Aka Pee Pee Ramona - Bass Guitar

The Ramonas - Vix Aka Pee Pee Ramona Pee Pee known to the group as Pap. Always with camera in hand, never misses a thing. She is a total band whore playing for many bands in the South East of England. Some say that she has a secret passion for mullets.

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Killa K! Aka Margy Ramona - Drums

The Ramonas - Killa aka Margy Ramona After a fatal baking mishap one day, Margy decided to get away from the kitchen and take seat on stage. Her heavy beats, and expressive faces will shake up even the stiffest of crowds! Apparently, Margy sleeps with a half smashed Dark Rum bottle under her pillow.. this has neither been confirmed or denied.

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Donna Aka Rohnny, Pee Pee and Margy Ramona

The Ramonas - Donna Ramona Donna is one of the most talented musicians involved in the Ramonas. She plays guitar, bass or drums for the Ramonas and drums for the Sequins, she looks like the sweetest girl next door but is actually a hard hitting, not to be messed with crazy motherfucker!

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